being part of a community that

is just, peaceful and sustainable where poverty has been eliminated… where citizens feel heard and included in governmental decision-making… where economic activities promote equitable human development where every person treats other living beings with equality, respect and consideration… where everyone works together to protect and restore the Earth’s fragile ecology.


These aren’t just idealistic visions or dreams; these are key principles that the Institute is working to have woven into personal and community policies and practices locally and nationally.



Formed in 1996 the Institute has grown its efforts from creating a community spirit of caring in Tampa to bringing the Earth Charter,*** a global community spirit of caring, to cities in the United States and around the world




*** The Earth Charter (EC) is an international people’s Declaration of Interdependence written over the course of 10 years by thousands of people in 77 countries with principles for social and economic justice, peace,                 participatory                 democracy                 and